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Visual Arts Major

As a student in the Visual Arts major, you will benefit from a comprehensive and innovative curriculum. Our program draws upon the strengths of the liberal arts and places an emphasis on service and real world client work. You will have to concentrations to choose from: Drawing or Painting.

Within this program you will be exposed to areas of study that include drawing, figure drawing, watercolor, acrylic and printmaking.  You will also be required to take core Art and Design Department courses such as Foundations of Graphic Applications, Photography, 2-D and 3-D Design.

After students graduate they often choose to continue their education by going to get an MFA in their field and then teaching at university level.

Here are some additional features that distinguish the Kansas Wesleyan University Visual Arts experience:

Student to Faculty Ratio: A 19 to 1 ratio results in more student faculty interaction inside and outside the classroom.

Supplies:  All art supplies are free! That could result in up to $2,000 in savings every semester.

Service Work: Opportunities exist for internship in the visual arts.  Internships in visual arts consist of gallery attendants, gallery assistant, muralist and educator.

2- D Studio:  Studio is used for two dimensional design courses such as drawing, painting, illustration, design, and more.

▪   Features seating for 15-18 students

▪   Fresh air ventilation

▪   Storage space

▪   Printing press

▪   Natural lighting

▪   Critique space

3-D Studio:  Studio is used for three dimensional design courses such as jewelry, sculpture, ceramics and three-dimensional design.

▪   Features seating for 15 students

▪   Storage space

▪   Natural lighting

▪   Ceramic, sculpture, and jewelry equipment

▪   Power tools

Senior Studio:  Studio is used for advanced students or seniors in the Art and Design Department who are working on a body of work for advanced studio courses or senior exhibition. The studio allows the student to have a space of their own to create artwork freely.