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Tuesday Night ALIVE

When Cameron Jackson, '08, returned to the Kansas Wesleyan campus in his new role as director of Spiritual Development, he had plenty of big ideas about connecting the students with their spiritual side and getting them involved in worship. Tuesday Night Alive, a student-centered service, has helped to encourage student interest in connecting, or reconnecting, with the Church.

“The focal point of the worship services is not only to witness the presence of Jesus Christ, but also to take some time out of our busy week and daily lives for fellowship,” said Jackson. “As a campus, we can do this through encouraging words, prayer, worship, and good, old-fashioned fun.”

  Cameron Jackson, former director of Spiritual Development

Jackson said that the idea for Tuesday Night Alive has always been there, but it was after reading a passage in Romans that he came up with the name. The goal was to find a way for students to grow closer to God, but also to have fun while learning what being a believer is all about.

“A lot of times this generation think that when we talk about God or the Bible, it’s boring and doesn’t relate to our age group, so I believe the word ‘alive’ helps set a culture for the chapel services,” said Jackson.


“I looked forward to every Tuesday night gathering with so much excitement when I was a KWU student. It made me realize that we have a lot of devoted Christians on campus who, when given the chance, will grow spiritually and also step up to help others to the same,” said Rudo Dozva, '15, originally from Zimbabwe, who is now pursuing her Master of Social Work degree at Texas State University and serving as director of Youth Ministries at First United Methodist Church of Elgin, TX.

Each week, the evening service - led by students - offers singing, some dancing, and speakers from Jackson or the community, including faculty or staff members.

Jessica Hauschild, '15, attended Tuesday Night Alive during her four years at Kansas Wesleyan and loved the atmosphere and the messages.

“I really enjoyed them. The music has been upbeat and gets you in the mood for worship. Cameron's messages have really spoken to me as well,” said Hauschild, who is beginning her Ph.D. program in Statistics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in fall 2015.

Faith Ramsey, '13, also was involved with Tuesday Night Alive when she was a KWU student. She appreciated the support and encouragement she received from the services.

“I loved Tuesday Night Alive. It is really inspiring to be able to come together with other Christians in the school setting,” said Ramsey, who in fall 2015 will start her veterinary medicine degree at the University of Illinois. “Afterwards I felt so refreshed and refocused on God and what He wants me to do. I can’t wait to see it grow when I come back in years to come.”

Tuesday Night Alive is still going strong and meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Hauptli Student Center, on the main floor gathering area of the Student Activities Center. It is open to all students and is usually a short service of an hour or less. For more information, contact Student Development by email, or by calling 785-833-4325.