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Top 10 things You Should Do This Summer

Your 2014–15 college year has come to an end. You’ve managed to make it through hours of classes, numerous all-nighters, and those end of year final exams. Life in the dorm rooms has come to an end and you’ve said “see you later” to your fellow college classmates. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has come—SUMMER BREAK!

Of course, summer break sounds like the perfect opportunity to do nothing but soak in the sun, lay by the pool, and hang out doing all things fun and non-college related. But what about when summer break comes to an end and it’s back to the realities of college life?

While we’d all love to spend our summers doing the typical summer activities, it’s wise for you to look for a balance of enjoying down time and preparing for your continued education. For a smooth transition back to campus this fall, here are at few tips:

Top 10 things every KWU Coyote should do this summer

10. Get an Internship

Summer internships are an awesome way to further your knowledge and experience in your field of study. Not only will it allow you to meet new people, and have fun in the process, but it will provide you with a crucial piece of experience to add to your resume. If you are still unsure about your future career path, intern anyway, as it will give you an opportunity to explore different career options.

Too late to grab an internship for this summer? Start planning for next year by taking a look at these exciting summer internships you may not know about:

9. Clean Up Your Social Media

According to, a leader in the employment industry, 86% of employers are checking social networks before they grant an interview. In addition, today 94% of grad schools also care about a potential student’s online reputation while an undergrad.

So, to ensure your success as a future professional, start updating your profiles on social media. Whether your go-to social media is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or one of the other options, make sure you are posting appropriately and respectably while highlighting all of the great things about you! And, don’t forget to check and adjust your privacy settings for your accounts, as it’s crucial to know and control exactly what the world can see of your profile and posts.

8. Save up Money

It’s easy to question why you should save money as a college student, but in reality, it’s wiser to start saving now rather than later. It’s important to think long-term such as paying off your school loans, purchasing a house, or buying a new car. A few quick ways to help save a little money include avoiding that quick pick-me up from a fast food restaurant, overspending on meals, overdoing it on social events, and wasting gas on an un-needed trip across town.

7. Work a Summer Job

You may not have been able to find that dream internship that you were hoping for, but there is still potential for you to gain experience in a summer job. Regardless of whatever summer job you land, it will be a great opportunity for you to showcase responsibility and hard work to future employers. In addition to the ability to gain extra experience and meet new people, you’ll also be earning some extra money for your college (or summer J) account.

6. Take an Online Summer Course

You can still have the luxury of summer lounging while taking courses! Enrolling in an online course this summer is a great low cost, convenient way of getting ahead and ensuring you stay on track for graduation. Take time to chat with your advisor about the best options for a summer online course for you! KWU Summer Session II begins Monday, June 29. Check out the summer online courses. And you can also look at the fall online courses, too.

5. Get Letters of Recommendations

Letters of recommendations can be the deciding factor as to whether you are called for an interview or not. Summers can be a great time to request and gather those necessary letters. Take time to ask previous professors, employers, or other professionals with whom you are well-acquainted for a recommendation that expresses your accomplishments, character, and work ethic. Gather these letters and save them in a safe location until you are ready to start the job search.

4. Learn a New Skill to add to Your Resume

There are a number of skills that employers desire to see on a potential candidate’s resume. Though you are already a very skilled college student, continuous improvement and additions to that skills list is crucial. Take the summer to develop more skills that will be desirable to an employer in your field. Possible ideas include learning a new computer program, participating in a leadership workshop, or learning a new language.

3. Foster Your Relationships

To ensure that your relationships are kept up with and fostered, spend a few days of your summer writing letters to those relationships that you’ve created over the past few years. Email, write a letter, or simply make a phone call to thank those individuals who’ve had a part in your growth as a college student. Take the time to thank your parents, family, friends, professors, and other recently acquired acquaintances for their role in the success of your college journey thus far.

2. Develop Professionally

There are a number of amazing ways that you can develop yourself professionally throughout the summer. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking to improve their future while allowing themselves time to enjoy their summer. Professional development activities can be as simple as watching webinars about a topic you desire to learn more about, attending local workshops, or even reading a professional development book. All of these ideas will allow you to take a deeper look into who you are, and will be, as a leader and professional.

1. Explore & Meet New People

Meeting and getting to know new people and exploring new things can start wherever you are—at the pool, at a restaurant, on vacation, or anywhere. Learning how to converse comfortably and take an interest in people you’ve just met can be crucial to your future career path and could ultimately land you a dream job. The more you take time to explore the world and meet new people, the more beauty and opportunities you’ll find in life. Remember, a simple “hello” could open new doors!