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Friday, February 1, 2013 -
8:00am to 4:00pm
Location:  Hauptli Student Activity Center Room 203
Elementary Presenter: Jeff McAdoo - "You Can Put ANYTHING In It!"  At the 2013 KAHPERD Winter Workshop, Milken National Educator Jeff McAdoo would like to help you make your Elementary Physical Education classroom the most important, the most influential place in your school district.  Teachers in the “sit-down” classrooms of our schools are so burdened by the accountability monster that they are limited to teaching curriculum that children often see as irrelevant, while physical educators have more freedom to utilize the relevance of physical play as a prime motivator.  Jeff will show you how to take advantage of that built-in motivation to help your students become better people, not just better bodies.  For example, he will show how he has used physical activities to help students become better risk-takers and embrace failure as a learning tool. (He actually tells his students, “I love it when you fail!”)  You will learn about “scan and adjust” and how it will help students in sports, driving safely, the workplace, or even finding a place to sit in the lunchroom.  You will learn how, “…You can put ANYTHING…” into your curriculum to meet the needs of YOUR students.  You will begin to view physical activity as a wonderful vehicle with which to deliver needed life skills to your students.  Instead of just changing bodies, you will begin to truly change lives, becoming the most influential person in your school district!
Secondary Presenter: Jason Busche - "Balancing Indo Boards & Slacklines"    This session will focus on balancing activities using Indo Boards and Slacklines.  Both activities can be used by ALL students at any level.  We will cover safety, basic balancing, cooperation, core training, and tricks.  Students love cutting edge lifelong fitness activities, and these balancing tools keep them entertained and challenged while having fun.  Attendees will be taught the skills of both activities and allowed time to participate with a variety of teaching tools and adaptations.

KAHPERD Winter Workshop will be held on February 1, 2013 at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina, KS.

Winter Workshop Pre-Registration KAHPERD Member Fee $35.00 KAHPERD Non-member $70.00 KAHPERD Student Member $10.00 KAHPERD Student non-member $20.00

Friday, January 25, 2013

Worshop Fee - Onsite
KAHPERD Member Fee - $50.00
KAHPERD Non-member Fee - $85.00
KAHPERD Student Member - $25.00
KAHPERD Student Non-Member - $35.00