Lee to Read From Novel on Saturday

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Marlene Loyd Lee

Marlene Loyd Lee, Kansas Wesleyan University alumnus and writer, will hold a reading for her recently released novel, The Absent Woman, at Ad Astra Books and Coffee House. Lee, who graduated from the University in 1961, has been published numerous times, with poems and essays appearing in the Indiana Review, Orange County Illustrated, and The Christian Science Monitor. This is her first novel.

Lee graduated from KWU and has worked as an assistant instructor at the University of Kansas, a teacher for Salina High School and the Southern California school system, a freelance court reporter in New York City, and finally, a writer. She currently tutors at the University of Missouri Writing Center.

The Absent Woman centers around a woman who leaves her life to reinvent herself as a pianist, moving from Seattle to a fishing village on Puget Sound.

“The book is about changing, being adaptable, and not settling for living a life of purposelessness; of gray dissatisfaction,” said Lee.

Lee believes the book has an important message.

“We’re made for change. Every change requires a fresh vision of the world and who we are in it,” Lee said. “It requires engaging in work, relationships, and faith. That’s what The Absent Woman is about.”

Lee, whose grandparents, Dr. Perry and Mabel Loyd, lived in Salina for 50 years, is also a member of the Board of Trustees at Kansas Wesleyan University.

Lee will be reading from and will also sign copies of her novel at Ad Astra Books and Coffee on Saturday, June 15, at 7pm. Ad Astra is located at 141 N. Santa Fe and can be reached at 785.833.2235.